Review 1

irvine daycareMana is indisputably talented in dealing with children. Not only is she well trained but she has a love for children and a natural gift in caring for them……… Our daughter has been with her for over a year now and our son will be joining her group soon because we are so impressed with the excellent quality childcare that she provides. Not only does Mana provide the daily necessities, she goes above and beyond what is necessary. She cooks wonderful meals for the children and constantly rotates books and toys to provide age-appropriate stimuli for the children. Outdoor activities are a normal part of their routine. The crafts that our daughter comes home with demonstrate Mana’s creativity and emphasis on allowing the children to also be creative. Finally, my daughter is becoming quite adroit at several cognitive skills that I know are taught and practiced under Mana’s direction. We are so pleased to see that Mana provides such well-rounded care. We leave our daughter happy in the morning and find her happy when we arrive. This is so assuring for us as working parents and we are so grateful to Mana.

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