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Why Home Daycare?

 There are somethings in family child care that are so good for kids
1- All the ages are together in home childcare and it’s so good for the siblings
2- The younger kids in family day care can learn a lot of things from older ones
3-The older kids in family day care can learn how to be responsible to younger ones
4- Home child care is good for kids who are waiting for their siblings .
They can see the little one in home day care and Lear how to behave with the baby.
5- The environment of family day care is similar to the kids’ home and especially so much better for the kids who are the first time separating from their parents and their home .
6- The fresh home cooked meal that is served in some home child care, make kids feel better and healthier.
7- Because the kids in family home day care are few, they will be less sick than kids who are in Child care with too many kids.
8- The teachers in home daycare are the same for every day and the kids can adjust faster to new environment and teachers .

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